The new Blog

I’ve got a few projects that are just waking up now. There’s this new blog thing of course. Just about two years ago I was lucky enough to be a founding blogger with ChicagoNow, an online experiment of the Chicago tribune. It was sold to me as a kind of “hyperlocal Huffington Post.” I enjoyed my conversations and off the cuff tutorials from my editors there. Swiftly, though, the lovely people I was dealing with left ChicagoNow and were replaced with nice enough people, but the personal touch was gone. Especially weird was the hands-off philosophy the editors were taking; in order to keep a distance from something egregious being published online they were not to give us (the bloggers) any instructions or suggestions for content. We never received business cards with the logo on it (though I was told that I could print my own out.. The Tribune just couldn’t officially give me cards since that would be construed as a type of employment.) I was interviewed several times to get my blog and had to submit several writing samples and my resume (vis-a-vis improv) was vetted. Within a year, however, ChicagoNow was a giant hodgepodge of almost random blogs with a nice sprinkling of “celebrity” blogs. The bloggers I met when CN was starting up are great people, many of whom are still writing for the site and that is great. As for me, time for a new blog.

Inspired by Seamus McCarthy (who kept a hilarious journal about his pre-Armando doings “Met up with Peter and Rob. We killed it at the Sluggers cages, man.” and Mick Napiers journals about the creation of a Second City main stage show, I started keeping a blog back in 98. It’s come and gone in various manners and this is it now. Going to try to consolidate my other random blogs into this one was well. Also, look for links to some new podcasts I’m hosting. There will be Nerd’s Landing (nerds talking about stuff) and Pereidolia (which Pages doesn’t recognize as a word, but it’s the human subconscious compulsion/tendency to see patterns in randomness. That podcast will focus on the unique and fascinating people in the improv community. Less of an improv interview, more of a way to talk to people I’m fascinated with and record it.)
In 2012, the cast of the Improvised Movie and I will be branching out into podcast with an Improvised PlayCast.Performed/recorded in front of a live audience, it will be then made available as separate podcasts. I’m very excited about it.

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2 comments on “The new Blog

  1. Nice! I look forward to reading more by you, Jason.
    (Also, hope I’m not overstepping, but maybe Pages doesn’t recognize “Peredolia” because it’s actually “Pareidolia”. It’s probably one my favorite phenomena, and a great name for a podcast–sounds like a winner.)

    • Yes! I am dumb, it’s actually written in large letters on my whiteboard and I still misspelled it. Though I did post from the road. Bah, Pages still doesn’t’ recognize it. Thanks for reading, Erin!

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