My Struggle

A few years ago I wrote a book called “Longform Improvisation and the Art of Zen.” It’s a compilation of things I had learned and was using in my teaching at the time. I’m fascinated by the history and philosophies of various martial arts and I found much of it applicable to my work in improvisation.  Having a book I wrote available on is kinda funny to me, personally and I like seeing it there. I’m no expert or master of anything (well, maybe Red Dead Redemption… i kick all kinds of butt in that game) but I’ve been doing it a long time and the book is a collection of experience and research. I remember my friend and teacher Noah Gregoropolous being complimented by a student. Noah’s response was, “I try to learn from my mistakes. I’ve been doing this a long time; I’ve made a lot of mistakes.” I always liked that answer.

For various and sundry reasons, iO Theater is not going to be carrying my book. Instead, if you’re in Chicago, you can pick one up from me personally! I’ll have some with me at all times, or you can e-mail me and I’ll bring a copy to you! Each one is only $9! What a great holiday present!

My friend Bob Kodzis recently sent me this “mind map” (as he calls it) of some of the ideas from the book (some mine, some quotes of people I mention in the book) and it is absolutely wonderful. I mean, it’s one of the nicest things I’ve ever seen… I’m going to have it made into a poster… Check it out:

I wish I still had a fireplace… this would so go above the mantel. There’s an old Japanese proverb, “When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends.” If this is true, then I’m a very good character. Thank you, friends.


One comment on “My Struggle

  1. Jason,
    Congratulations on writing a book. That’s incredible! Really great. There’s no chance I will be improvising again but even I want to read it. And btw, I bought my copy of Del’s book from Amazon prior to reaching IO and the few copies we had in the box office while I was at IO just sat there, so I think your book is being sold in the right spot 🙂

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