2011 in Review

Well, that was an interesting year. I was very lucky in many instances. Traveled with 3033 to Florida and visited Hogwarts. Visited Las Vegas to do a show and got snowed in there. Missed the Chicago Snowpocalypse sadly. Close Quarters, which I still miss, closed shop. Created and ran the show “Sarah Palin Explains America at You” with Megan O’Neill, who was simply amazing in the role. I moved out of my weirdo studio apartment (it had two levels, a fire place and and deck) after seven years. Moved in with My friends Brett and Adal because there was access to a swimming pool. That lasted 28 days before we flooded so bad it destroyed the walls. We escaped from that place to our lovely new digs thanks to the generous and gracious assistance by so many of our friends. That was a blessing. Journeyed to the Philippines to do some corporate training and teach some improv. It was my second trip overseas (the first was Australia… apparently, I only travel if the flight is 10 hours or more.)

Went back to Florida with 3033 (and I am amazingly grateful that they include me for these trips.) My lovely friends Pat & Mary had a wonderful baby. My friends Jeff & Jeannie got married and I was in the wedding Party. I got to wear a tux, which I enjoy. Taught a special workshop called Page2Stage for the Gorilla Tango Theater. Did some fun corporate gigs around the country which required me to wear special shirts. Started some podcasts (which I have been woefully slow in getting up and running.)

All in all, it was a very good year… which I kind of relished as the previous two years were rough for me. I thank God/Fate/Random Chance for being so kind as to bless me with the opportunities and friends I have been given. And if I worked, played, taught, laughed, sang, smiled, traveled, with you– then I thank you as well.

If you’ve made it this far then you might enjoy this little slideshow/video I made. Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you in 2012.

(weird… the video won’t embed because of “Copyright Issues” but here it is anyway


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