221B or not 221B

Had the day off so I made my pilgrimage to see the official Sherlock Holmes museum and “residence.” in typical Jason fashion, however, I got real lost in Brighton, but once I figured things out it was pretty simple.
Took the tube to Baker Street and I felt a strange thrill. I’ve been reading the official Holmes canon for decades and I still read the stories all the time.. Literally.

Took the Beaton train to Farringdon, then transferred to the brown line to Baker Street.

Found it! Big store with lots of Holmes-erdise to purchase. First I went the wrong way on Baker and discovered the “Sherlock Holmes Hotel.” Aside from the name, there didn’t seem to be anything very Holmesian about the place. I mean, they didn’t even bother make up stupid names for the food on he menu.

The actual museum is a replica of a three story flat with some replicas of various items that Holmes and Watson might have kept as souvenirs of their adventures. Also, there were strange, scary wax recreations of scenes. There was a sign-in book. The varied and far reaching homes of the visitors was a testament to the lasting effect of the original stories.

There’s a great fad/movement here that fans of the most recent Sherlock series (starring Benedict Cumberbatch) should appreciate. Taking their cue from the public reaction to the original canon, people are reacting to the last episode in the series as if it was non-fiction. “I Believe in Sherlock”, “Moriarty is Real”, “Sherlock Lives!” were posted about town (I missed the original postings,sadly) but these notes were pinned on a board in 221B. Loved it.

Yeah, I bought the Hat. The much maligned deerstalker. Sure I could have bought one from amazon, but coming here myself and buying it was terrific. I’m very lucky to have had the opportunity to do so.

Next stop, Gotham City!


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