Sister Christian

It’s a tough time to be a Christian. Oh, I’m not talking about the organizations that stubbornly cling to outmoded dogma in the name of tradition or the groups that feel “oppressed” when the American public doesn’t always kneel and properly genuflect like they’re supposed to. And I have little sympathy for those who would impose their own religious creed upon public policy or hold their own beliefs as superior to others.

I took this photo at Gay Pride Day, 2010. This young lady was so offended by the groups protesting and saying all gays were hellbound, that she went to WalGreens, bought posterboard, markers and made this sign. She's awesome.

No, my sympathy is for the pious, honest people filled with faith. Every time a bigoted idiot claims his bilious speech or hateful action to be in the name of “Christianity” it seems like a slap in the face of all the people who actually behave according to Christian doctrine; that is, do to others as you would have other do to you.

In the world of comedy and satire, we should strive to take down the big guys; the corporations, the politicians and the public hypocrites. Nowadays, religious leaders are more and more the targets of comedy and ridicule as hypocrisy and out-right lies are exposed. It’s hard to not feel for the single individual that is devoutly religious and sadly, sometimes gets painted with the same brush as those public offenders.

I like people of faith. I don’t like zealots of any kind. People who regularly attend services of any kind are smart, fun, caring people. It’s the ancient organizations and the entrenched powerful that are corrupted.

Personally, I’m a man of science. I was raised with little or no religious instruction save “you’ll decide for yourself eventually” (which is either great wisdom or just plain laziness.) I usually go between agnostic and Taoist, but you know the old saying “there are no atheists in a foxhole.” I’ve been in (what I thought at the time were) life-threatening situations and I’ve found that old saying to be quite true.

I wish all these people making speeches and making decrees were as honest, intelligent and compassionate as my friends of faith. It’d be a much nicer and quieter world.


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