Six Seasons and a Movie!

Here are some of the titles and synopses of upcoming TV shows. Some I made up, most (oddly enough) are real. Which ones are which!? Set your DVRS! No Googling!

Counter Culture– three aging sisters run their Texas family diner together. Family hijinks ensue.

Dusty Goes To AwesomeTown– Two roommates are twentysomething and hijinks ensue.

Untitled Mandy Moore Project– Annie (Mandy Moore) and her husband run a hip, new restaurant in her hometown with her family. Hijinks ensue.

Gilded Lilys– a drama about a luxury hotel in 1895 New York.

666 Park Avenue– a supernatural thriller about an apartment building in New York.

Do Not Pass Go– a sitcom about the residents of an apartment building in New York.

Friend Me– two twentysomethings get jobs at Groupon. In LA. Hijinks.

Elementary– a modern (re: AMERICAN) take on Sherlock Holmes. Watson is an Asian woman.

Honest Abe– a reimagined Abraham Lincoln (in 2012) runs a law firm and considers running for office. Stephen(ie) Douglas is a black woman.

Meet The Shockers– an infamous “shock jock” is fired and now must stay at home and raise his two teenage daughters.

The Frank Show Starring Frank– Frank is suddenly a sitcom star and moves his family to Hollywood. When his real-life family deals with sudden fame, fortune and his TV-family hijinks ensue.

1600 Penn– the president of the United States must deal with teenage kids.

Trooper– a woman uses her common sense to be a New York State Trooper.

Baby Big Shot– a woman uses her street smarts to be a New York lawyer.

Rebounding– a comedy about a man recovering from the death of his fiancé with the help of the idiots on his pickup basketball team.

Fly On Home– a drama about a man and his daughter recovering from the death of the wife/mother with the help of everyone in their small town.

The Former First – when the president dies in office, the First Lady and her children move back home and must deal with the attention and scrutiny of the entire world.

The Selection– set in the future, a young woman chosen by lottery must compete in a fierce competition.

The Academy– a young woman discovers she possesses magical powers and must attend an all-magic school to hone her abilities.

The Wizard of Menlo Park– young “Edison” uses his fantastic inventions and his friends to solve crimes.


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