A Letter from Uncle Sam

Dear America,

I know these are tough times and it seems like “it’s the worst it’s ever been!” but it’s not. I mean, think back just 100 years ago; America had armed forces occupying Cuba and Nicaragua, the Titanic (on its way to New York) sank, Europe was at war and Asia was undergoing incredible changes. The entire planet was in turmoil.

And we survived.

Just 50 years ago, we saw plane crashes, the Supreme Court ruled that mandatory prayer in public school is unconstitutional, and the Cuban Missile Crisis brought the world to the brink of nuclear war.

When young, each generation believes they are inheriting the worst situation from the previous. When older, each generation believes the succeeding generation is a corruption of everything they’ve fought for.

God, whether you believe in Him or not, will be there. You cannot legislate His word. He is the Almighty and He actually doesn’t need your help; He needs your belief and for you to lead by example. You cannot show His love with a fist; only with an embrace.

This nation was born in fire and debt, but we must never forget that it Hope was our midwife. It was a leap of optimism that made us a nation and we must never give up hope.

I know it’s easy to become cynical and the voices of reason seem to be crowded out by the more bombastic and radical cries. America, however, is the land of the Optimistic. It was a grand leap of trust in the future that caused us to unite and it was the ultimate optimism that led us through a Revolutionary War. Have faith in the American Promise.

I leave you with a quote from that great American storyteller, Billy Joel, “The good old days weren’t always so good and tomorrow ain’t as bad it seems.”



Uncle Sam.


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