Improv Classes!

I’m putting together what will (hopefully) be a series of classes. I was recently in England and Minneapolis where the idea of the “drop-in” class is very popular and I would like to start something like that here. Of course, these first batch are going to be a bit more structured. The classes below will be held at Sheil Park, 3505 N. Southport.



These are the basic building blocks of long form improvisation. Learn from a veteran teacher who has personally directed or performed each and every form in this class. This three-hour class will teach you the form and techniques of The Improvised Movie, the Armando Diaz/Monologue-Based Show and Whirled News Tonight. Jason directed the Improvised Movie for three years at the iO Theater, where he also performs every week in the Armando Diaz show. His creation, Whirled News Tonight, is Chicago’s longest running improvised news satire (nine years!)

Tuesday, May 1st

6pm – 9pm

Limit: 12 students




Once More, With Feeling!

Eschewing the concept of “faster is funnier,” let us explore the world of emotion-based improvisation. Sure, the quick-witted will be hilarious in the short-term… but trust me, the wit runs out! But you, your heart, what you REALLY feel will always be the absolute MOST important thing you communicate on stage. Trust yourself to be yourself. Let’s experiment and open some emotional doors.

Wednesday, May 9th

6pm – 9pm

Limit: 12 students


 Order both at the same time and only pay $75!!

Got a question? Want to register? Send me a note “”

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