Smyra, an ex-student of mine, did an interview with me and did a great job! Take a look.

Plan 9 Burlesque

That one Time I Interviewed Jason Chin

I took a writing class from Jason when I first moved to the city.  He is pretty big in Chicago sketch and improv, but he won’t tell you that.  He’s also super nerdy.  We were able to talk about Star Trek, American history, comic books, improv and even burlesque.  I learned a number of things from our talk and listening back to the recording:

  1. At one time, Tina Fey wore overalls constantly.
  2. Del Close wrote a series of comic books called Wasteland.
  3. There was a time when Seinfeld wasn’t a thing.
  4. My voice sounds much more relaxed and appealing at 75% speed and like, half an octave lower.
  5. Jason Chin has been quietly standing on the cutting edge of nerd culture for quite a while.

As we walked up the stairs to find a quiet room to record the interview, we passed…

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