Why I Love the Olympics

I’m not really into sports. Oh, I get the whole idea of “triumph of the human spirit” and inspirational stories, but I don’t get invested in sporting events for some reason. So, based on that, I was never really into the Olympics. That changed in 1984.

During the Opening Ceremonies in Los Angeles, I watched the parade of nations and I noticed something great.

As all the countries marched by you could see the uniformity of the races; Germany is pretty much all Caucasian, China is all Chinese, India is all Indian and so forth…

And here come the Americans!! What a wonderful, melange of ethnicity we are. Our Olympic teams are composed of athletes from all of our nation and represent the so-called “melting pot.” To see them all march past, bearing the American flag, made me feel proud to see such diversity.

So, my favorite event? The Opening Ceremonies. Go America!

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