Worlds Shortest Internet Fight

I have strong political opinions. I sometimes use social media to express myself. And besides some recent unpleasantness… this brief twitter exchange is my only “fight.”


@JasonChinFTW: If only everyone in Florida was armed with hurricanes to fight off that hurricane. #GOP

@jeffreykeys: Lame. Aren’t we all sick of this do-nothing Obama? Promised change and hope. Things did change… badly. And I hope he’s gone.

@JasonChin: You seem like a reasonable fellow.

@jeffreykeys: whether sarcastic or not, I do believe I am reasonable. Romney/Ryan perfect? Not by a long shot. But I have given up on Obama.

@JasonChinFTW: I’m not arguing, but wondering where that came from.

@jeffreykeys: haha just saw the GOP hashtag and (dumbly) assumed that you were calling the GOP convention a hurricane in a derogatory way. My apologies.

@JasonChinFTW: No worries. I wish you a good day, sir.


On a side note, my initial tweet is meant to point out how ridiculous the right-wing/gun manufacturer/gun lobby theory of arming all citizens to the teeth is ridiculous. Not a GOP issue per se, but there are more Republican elected officials actively advocating gun “rights” than any other party.


the Annoyance Theater!! Happy Anniversary!

The Annoyance Theater turns 25 this weekend and that is an amazing, wonderful thing. A long time ago, when I first started taking improv classes in Chicago, I was lucky enough to have Mick Napier as my improv teacher at Second City. It was a great combination with my Del class at iO… I would have Del on Mondays and then Mick on Tuesdays. And Susan Messing was my iO team coach! And I was on an independent team with Joe Bill! I had my own mini-Annoyance school structure going.. with all that excellent mentoring you would think I’d be a much, much better improviser.

I have been in exactly two shows (only once each) at the Annoyance. Susan Messing was kind enough to let me play with her (“Messing With a Friend”) once and that was such great fun. And once, once! I got to play with the anarchic, profane and hilarious Screw Puppies.  I think Peter Gwinn was in that show with me, as well. (in hindsight, I may have been asked because I was sitting next to Peter when they asked and I just wandered along…) It was amazing.

The old Clark Street space was the greatest place for a theater ever. Almost cavernous with all sorts of weird nooks and crannies. I saw way too many shows there and even went to a couple of strange and odd parties. The first few CIF shows and parties were there and those were amazing.

Rich Sohn is one my favorite all time improvisers and I was lucky enough to be on an iO team with him (“The Pat Shay Dancers”). He’s a teacher at the Annoyance and you should take a class with him. Ask for him by name- you’ll be glad you did.

Happy Birthday, Annoyance, you magnificent bastard. Here’s to 25 more!!


Whew, two down, twenty to go!

I am the producer and host of SATURDAY/saturday, a new interactive variety show at the iO theater. It’s a different kind of show for two reasons:

1- It mostly centers around interactive content such as improvised “Town Hall debates” (featuring Whirled News Tonight cast members as various politicians, with questions all from the audience), game shows with audience members, demonstrations utilizing audience members… It’s not short form games, but its also not long form or sketch…

2- I mostly come up with the above items, but everything else is created and submitted and performed by the hordes of iO performers. Anyone who is, or was, a student or performer at iO can submit their idea to me and if it’s fun, funny and can be staged its in the show. It can be an interactive event, a sketch, a song, what you got?


The submission process is very important to me. This is an opportunity for our ever-burgeoning community to create things on a weekly basis. I’m even keeping “office hours” at iO so people can come and talk to me about their idea or, better yet, show me!   (I’m at iO listening to ideas on Sundays, 10am-Noon, and Thursdays, 10pm-Midnight. No appointment necessary but it’s a good idea to maybe check in.. Just in case it’s booked up.)


The first two shows were exhausting to me. Hopefully, the show itself will become easier to run but as it stands right now, I’m making changes and “calling audibles” every moment I’m not onstage.. and sometimes while I am on stage. I bought some ridiculous audience prizes at Target and the Dollar Store the other day and that was superfun. If I had a larger budget I’d like to include one actual great prize; like an iPad or a months groceries. I wrote a fun quiz comparing fellow Wisconsinites Paul Ryan and Jeffrey Dahmer and that made me laugh. Audience seemed to like it as well.


It’s a very fun, exciting show! I hope you get a chance to perform in it or come see it!



Nap time.

Summertime 2012. So far.