Worlds Shortest Internet Fight

I have strong political opinions. I sometimes use social media to express myself. And besides some recent unpleasantness… this brief twitter exchange is my only “fight.”


@JasonChinFTW: If only everyone in Florida was armed with hurricanes to fight off that hurricane. #GOP

@jeffreykeys: Lame. Aren’t we all sick of this do-nothing Obama? Promised change and hope. Things did change… badly. And I hope he’s gone.

@JasonChin: You seem like a reasonable fellow.

@jeffreykeys: whether sarcastic or not, I do believe I am reasonable. Romney/Ryan perfect? Not by a long shot. But I have given up on Obama.

@JasonChinFTW: I’m not arguing, but wondering where that came from.

@jeffreykeys: haha just saw the GOP hashtag and (dumbly) assumed that you were calling the GOP convention a hurricane in a derogatory way. My apologies.

@JasonChinFTW: No worries. I wish you a good day, sir.


On a side note, my initial tweet is meant to point out how ridiculous the right-wing/gun manufacturer/gun lobby theory of arming all citizens to the teeth is ridiculous. Not a GOP issue per se, but there are more Republican elected officials actively advocating gun “rights” than any other party.


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