Heh. Haven’t really written anything for awhile… been a bit busy. At the beginning of 2012, I wanted to do an election sketch show with WNT and a Halloween show. That’s it. Since then, I started up SATURDAY/Saturday, a show I’m very proud of thus far and that take up a great deal of my time and energy. Right now, I have Whirled News, SATURDAY/Saturday, the Improvised Horror Movie. All running at the same time all on the same day.

I love all the submissions I’ve been getting for SATURDAY/Saturday. Friends with great ideas, strangers who become friends with great ideas, it’s super fun.

The new TV season has started up and I do my due diligence (as I have since I was 10) by watching every show at least once. The Neighbors- humans and aliens living together… It’s a very well done Coneheads TV show. The Mindy Project is fun but a little man-crazy for me. The New Normal seems like the NBC response to Modern Family. Partners- I have to recuse myself… I was David Krumholtz’s camp counselors in 1986. That’s how old I am. Downton Abbey is back to form. Great stuff.

That brings us to Elementary on CBS. I am obsessed a bit with Sherlock Holmes and the most recent BBC outing (“Sherlock”) is a masterpiece of homage/modernization. CBS was in talks with the creators of the BBC show, then retreated and said they were going ahead with their own production. So, I watched it. And it wasn’t too bad. But it wasn’t Sherlock Holmes. With CSIs, Law & Orders, Mentalists, Monks, NSCIs flooding our bandwidths this show breaks no new ground. This version of “Sherlock” doesn’t seem that great or smart. It’s competently done, but it’s not Sherlock Holmes. I’ll watch the BBC “Sherlock” again, thanks.

Good lord, someone’s pinched milordship’s shirts!

I was prescribed minoxidil for blood pressure. You may have heard of minoxidil… it’s usually prescribed for hair replacement… It was originally invented for BP, but the side-effect of hair growth is a better seller. Anyway, it does wonders for my blood pressure, but the side effect is that I’m hairier than I’ve ever been in my entire life. More eyebrows, back of my hands, even my shoulders have hair where there’s been none before… it’s like a third puberty. I even have to shave my face every other day instead of my usual every fourth day. It’s disgusting to be honest… I don’t know how my more… Mediterranean friends deal with it.

I tried a pumpkin spice latte from the Starbucks. I must admit it was delicious.

There’s a restaurant here in Chicago Chinatown called Hing Kee. They make the noodles right in the middle of the room. When you order a noodle dish you can watch the noodles go from the making to your dish. AND they have Shanghai Soup Dumplings; they look like a regular dumpling but when you eat it they’re full of delicious soup! They are wonderful. Go and try it!


The Improvised Horror Movie begins this weekend! Saturdays at Midnight. It’s the form that Del Close invented. I changed about two things and it’s always a delight to see it in action. I’m excited for this version to be seen by audiences. The show will end with a performance of the Thriller Dance!

Later, there will be a special presentation on Halloween night! Wednesday, October 31st at 10:30pm, we’re improvising a Horror Movie and then iO will be having big costume/dance party!  I’m really looking forward to that.


Anyway, I’m going to try to write more. Hope all is well. See you soon.


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