An Old Improviser Remembers

Years ago, there were no late night shows at the ImprovOlympic Theater. On Sundays, there would be the 8pm show and the great team Georgia Pacific was the anchor slot. You might have heard of some of them; Joe Bill, Mark Sutton, Lisa Lewis, Jack McBrayer, Pat Shay, Kris Hammond, Chris Day, Bumper Carroll, Joe Canale, TJ Jagodowski, Tami Sagher. I hope there isn’t anyone I’ve left off.

We used to just sit around and hang out after the shows. One night, after the shows, we were all just sitting around talking and listening to music (tape cassettes!) when “American Pie,” by Don McLean came on. I remember Jack McBrayer took the stage and started acting out the song. Pat Shay, on the side of the stage, began to pantomime baking an apple pie. Jack would act out the lyrics to the verses and then Pat, right on time, would deliver a hot apple pie at the beginning of the chorus. Jack would gleefully toss the pie into the audience as Pat looked on in horror and despair. Jack would continue pantomiming all the lyrics as Pat would begin baking a new pie. and it would begin all over again.

The “act” was so funny and so popular, people would chant “Pie! Pie! Pie!” to get them to do it. Those were fun times. Whatever happened to Jack and Pat?

(disclaimer: while some may dismiss this as me being a name-dropper, I think it’s more like someone remembering and missing his old friends.)


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