Sage, Rosemary & Theme

I really enjoyed the recent “Greatest Event in Television History.” It was all the more fun for knowing and watching the original show, “Simon & Simon.” In fact, I watched it with a friend of mine who asked, “Was this a real show?” Here’s the final product of the Adam Scott project; a shot-for-shot remake of the “Simon & Simon” opening theme:

The theme was written by Barry De Vorzon who also created the amazingly cool theme for the tv show, “S.W.A.T.” I started thinking of the weird and great 80’s theme song and how we’ve left those behind to use bad pop songs that the studio has in its lockers. While there are so many great theme songs from the 80s, one man wrote all of these:

(I found this Gotham City video version and I liked it so much I’m using it here but it doesn’t really have anything to do with anything…)

All three were written by Mike Post. And he was really prolific back then. He wrote the theme songs for “The A-Team,” “Blossom,” “LA Law,” “Magnum PI,” “Hunter,” “Hardcastle & McCormick,”NewsRadio,” “Doogie Howser MD,” Riptide” and more than a dozen more. I’ve always admired Mr Post and I can hum just about any of his theme songs. So, thanks, Mike!


One comment on “Sage, Rosemary & Theme

  1. I had a feeling he also composed Hill Street Blues, another unforgettable theme song, and indeed he did. He had tons of work contracting with Bochco, Bellesario, and Cannell.

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