Four Sided!

Foursided is a new show I’m working on with Marla Caceres, Julia Weiss, Ross Kimball and Joey Romaine. I’ve enjoyed all their improv for different reasons over the past few years. I remember (many years ago) when Charna and I would put together Harold teams, we would try to balance players- like, an energetic, physical player with a verbose, analytical player. I think with the cast of Foursided, there’s a real frisson of personality and it’s exciting to watch.

Slide1The real reason I asked them to do this show is to highlight a form that has been ping-ponging about my head since I was performing “Close Quarters.” The difference however is that this form focuses on creating new characters, rather than an unique place or time. Let’s take a look at it:

Character A does two person scenes with B, C, and D. We explore A’s world and personality through his/her interactions with B, C, and D.

After A&D, we return to the last minute of A&B (the last few lines of the scene) and now we follow B and the rest of the cast becomes new characters. So it’ll be B&E, B&F, B&G. Then…

We return to the end of A&C and repeat.

The cast eventually will play sixteen characters. Some scenes will be longer and more thoughtful and others might be even blackout length.

We have a run at iO Chicago on Tuesdays at 10:30pm. We start next week and run all through February. Please come!










I love improv.



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