3033 note

It has been established that the passengers on a plane are rowdy jerks. Rush, as the put-upon flight attendant is attempting to conduct the in-flight safety demonstration, but the passengers would much rather continue their raucous game of “Truth or Dare.” Standard improv procedure would be for the two separate “wants” to conflict and cause friction/hilarity.

Instead, Bill begins to pepper Rush with “Truth” questions about airplane safety (“Should I remain seated and with my seatbelt on during the ENTIRE flight?” “Yes, True.”). In this way, both needs are satisfied in a humorous way. Now, this was not the funniest part of the show, but to me it was the most satisfying. The instant agreeing and resolution of two distinct “wants” without conflict was a delight to witness on an artistic and intellectual level. It brings to mind Del’s saying: “Every interpersonal situation has a solution in which everyone wins.”

Thanks for the free lesson and demonstration, 3033!


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