Cinema Collezione

The other day I realize that I hadn’t seen a movie in the theater since Christmas Day. It was Django Unchained, which I loved. vhs912420121Last month, I decided to fill the gaps in my popular culture movie knowledge by watching 9 current movies. In no particular order:


VHS really had me excited. I love this kind of horror movie but it became boring and tedious. And there was no specific reason for it to be VHS-based!

Wreck-It Ralph is a sweet, kids movie. I wish it was live-action if only to see Jack McBrayer make out with Jane Lynch.

Man with the Iron Fists is an attempt to make a Hong Kong kung-fu film by the RZA. The acting is as good as you might expect.

Dredd was just like a sci-fi Raid: Redemption (good guys trapped in a giant building must survive and capture that baddie at the top.) It was good!

The Watch. Oy, never has a movie title been so contradictory to what you should do with a movie.

moonrise-kingdom-movie-screenshot-2012Moonrise Kingdom is a lovely, sweet film only if you like Wes Anderson. And I do, so I really liked it. If nothing else, I would love for Mr. Anderson and his team to decorate my home.

Prometheus. The filmmakers worked really hard to make an interesting film that uses a science fiction background to delve into some of man’s greatest questions. They ended up remaking Alien.

Kick-Ass. Hated the comic, loved the movie! Poor Nick Cage… this is the only superhero movie he’s good in.. actually, he’s great in it. kick_ass_big_daddy_0

Ted. Sorry guys I only lasted 40 minutes. I couldn’t take it.


Do you have any movie recommendations? I’ve seen a lot, so the more current, the betterer.