Get Lucky… with Improv!

There’s a verse of this song that really reminds me of improv. It’s in the second verse:

The present has no ribbon (each scene takes place and concerns itself with the RIGHT NOW. The Present.)

Your gift keeps on giving (the gifts you give your scene partner should be strong and “keep on giving” through out the scene… like, “You hate milk” only works if there’s milk in the scene somewhere as opposed to “You always smell like milk” will continue to affect people through out the scene.)

What is this I’m feelin’ (the most important thing you can do! Discover what you feel and share it with your scene partner and the audience!)

If you want to leave, I’m wit’ it (yes and! Also, don’t be trapped on-stage merely because it’s a scene! Move through their world; get in car, go someplace, go upstairs, go outside, etc…)


The rest is just a great song! Summer of 2013!!

Let’s dance!


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