Return to Down Under

It was only 4 years ago that my world, quite literally, changed.

This is me, in Canberra.

This is me, in Canberra.

At that point, I had been to Canada twice but I had never traveled off this continent. When the invitation came from Cindy Tonkin in Australia to visit Sydney to teach longform improvisation I was leery at first. What, leave America? Not only did I travel to Sydney and Canberra (the capital) to teach, I went to Cairns to visit the Great Barrier Reef.

Proud of my virgin passport I displayed it to the agent at the Australian border. “This is brand new! This your first time out of the states,” she asked. I nodded in the affirmative. “And you chose us?! Well, welcome then! Come on in!” and she smiled and stamped my passport. It was a great welcome to a great country.

Since then, I’ve been to the Philippines and England and now, I’m headed back over to Australia! Going to visit Sydney and Melbourne this time. I’m very excited… never been to Melbourne and I’ve heard so much about it.

I’ll be gone for more than a month and it’s a bit sad…. going to miss Halloween and Thanksgiving, but the fun of meeting new people interested in longform improvisation is so great I cannot resist it. It’s such an old, trite saying, but the more you travel the more you learn about home is so true. I have learned a great deal about the world and myself during my travels about the art of improvisation. In fact, it was during my sojourn to South Carolina to teach for ComedyWorx (two months!) was where I did most of my 123-nightmare-at-20000-feetwriting for “Longform Improvisation and the Art of Zen.” I have a writing project planned for this trip (deadline: 1/1/14!) and I hope to make a good run of it.

Chicagoans, please say fare well if you get a chance. Australians, I’m dead excited to reunite with friends and to make new ones! Creepy-little-goblins-that-eat-airplane-wings-that-I-know-exist-even-if-there’s-no-proof-except-in-my-onboard-nightmares, I will get you!



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