Old Photos (old iO stuff)


Me, Charna Halpern, Kate Lee

Found some old photos… mostly from the iO 20th anniversary.. I was the stage manager.



From the iO Holiday Party, 1996. From l. to r.; Stuart Ranson, Jason Chin, Brendan Gardiner, Mike Ross. Why am I wearing a vest? AND a necklace? Argh.


me & the great Brian Stack. At the iO 20th anniversary, 1997.


from 1997, Rachel Dratch, me, Stephnie Weir


Pete Hulne, an excited Paul Grondy, Dave Koechner. The iO Anniversary, 1997.


Brian Stack & Noah Gregoropolous


Charna Halpern, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey


Tina Fey & Jeff Richmond



3 comments on “Old Photos (old iO stuff)

  1. Jason.

    I still have the running order from the 20th anniversary. Maybe I’ll scan it and send to you. Gotta dig it up somewhere. Weird how that feels like both yesterday and a million years ago.

    Josh Chamberlin

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