Australia, Part the First: Melbourne

20131111-100211.jpg Me, after 24 hours of travel.

I have been in Australia for 10 days now and it’s so far it’s been a great time.

The flight went better than I thought it would… Chicago to LA was pretty easy and LAX has an amazing International Terminal- pretty snazzy. I was proud of myself for checking my seats on the website, and moving my reservation around accordingly. Had a great seat for the 16 hour flight and saw the worst seats on the site and instantly saw what the bad reviews were about.
There were many movie and tv options on the flight (thanks Qantas!) Watched The Wolverine and enjoyed it! But I ended up watching almost all of Downton Abbey season 3. Oh what delicate and hilarious class structures! Later at the baggage carousel, a very posh lady asked a porter, “All the bags come out here? Even the first class bags?”

Spent the first week in Melbourne; teaching a few classes and spending time with Impro Melbourne. Fascinating stuff, really. Sometimes I feel a bit like a anthropologist studying parallel cultures and noticing the similarities in development of cultural and communal patterns.
In a workshop there was a scene between two ladies discussing their “knickers.” I misheard the word and was very shocked/confused.
Around the corner from the shows/workshops there was a restaurant called Juicy Dumpling. It was awesome.
There is an trend in Australian pub food called Parmigiana. It’s breaded chicken topped with ham, mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. There are various types of Parmigiana; Greek, Italian, etc.
Took the tram (electric-based trolleys) downtown and planned to just walk around…. wandering right into the Cup Day Race Parade. Cup Day is a horse race that is watched and celebrated nationally. Most of the businesses in Melbourne close of the day and other cities take half-days or celebrate in the office. In fact, “The celebration that stops a nation” is it’s catchphrase. Imagine if the Kentucky Derby merged with the Super Bowl. So, downtown Melbourne was packed with people and I walked right in to the parade. It was nice.
The alleyways of Melbourne are jam-packed with tiny bistros and cafes. It was quite lovely.
Meet with and workshopped with the Improv Conspiracy. They do Chicago-style Harolds. They were great as well. Lots of fun and fascinating developments going on in Melbourne.
And then I left.
Early flight to Sydney.
It was just a few hours long and when I sat down on the plane, I thought someone had left their ipad in the seat thingie. They didn’t. Every seat had an ipad with a battery pack and special receivers for streaming video; movies, tv shows, etc. all on the ipad. The ipad cover folded over and hooked on the back of the chair in front of you. It was neat.

More later on the wonderful city of Sydney!!
Stay tuned, True Believers!!
(the WordPress mobile app won’t allow me to insert pics after I’ve entered the text. It’s either above or below. Sorry.)

20131111-100508.jpg Impro Melbourne’s Shadowlands. Fun, visual effects merged with improv.

The cafe and bistro jammed alleys.

20131111-100533.jpg The Improv Conspiracy


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