2013- the End.

And that’s pretty much a wrap for 2013!

That was fast, eh?

We wrapped up one year’s worth of SATURDAY/saturday. That was a great, fun project with exciting, fun people.

the inevitable Harlem Shake sketch

the inevitable Harlem Shake sketch

Whirled News Tonight celebrated ten years of non-stop shows. For a year, we did Fridays and Saturdays so, it’s really like 11 years.

Returned to Australia for a second time and it was very fun and educational.

iO is officially moving to a giant, new building and I could not be more excited.


The new building has, quite honestly, reinvigorated me. I’m excited to see what changes this will bring to iO and improv at large, and to me, personally. Creating new shows, helping to maintain and improve current shows.. it is a dream come true. It’s been fascinating to watch and help iO to grow.

Almost two decades ago, I marvelled that the Del Close Theater was vacant on a Thursday; no show, no classes. I asked Charna about it and she said I could put up a show there. So I did. “The Superhero Society of America Presents Crisis on Improv Earth” was the first show I did at iO. Then “Dinner for Six.” Then “Jedi! A Musical Tour de Force.” To date, I have created or performed in almost 40 separate shows (not counting sitting in or Harold teams.)

I’m very lucky to have been involved at iO at just the right time and now again, I am with iO at exactly the right time.

Posted @ QUOTEZ.CO

I’m making some, let’s not call them resolutions, but tiny changes to my operating systems in order to better my life.

– work out. In general. Not like obsessive, but once in a while lift something.

– go to a beach every few months. The joy I felt just sitting in the sun, feeling the sand and ocean beneath my feet, why was it such a rare occassion? There are plenty of beaches- GO TO THEM.

– write more.

– have more lunches with friends I don’t regularly see.

– have a tea.


So, that’s 2013!

Come on, 2014!!



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