Here’s the Ching…

Here’s the Thing;

the real story about the March 26th Colbert Report is the Redskins debate. A) It’s ridiculous that in 2014 there is a national football team called the Redskins. C’mon, the word “niggardly” (to be stingy or miserly) has almost faded from human memory, but that’s still allowed? and B) the use of the satirical organization name of “The Ching-Chong Ding-Dong Foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals or Whatever” is such an obvious joke name… it’s too ridiculous to be taken seriously.


Here’s the Other Thing;

the real shame behind the “asian outrage” about the Colbert piece is that the spotlight moved from the Native American story to this bit of online outrage (the lamest, laziest outrage there is). The point of Colbert piece was the incredibly insensitivity and hypocrisy behind the “Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation” (actual name).


Here’s the Truth;

everyone could stand to read more. Yes, the tweet that just quoted the punchline without reference to the 4-minute build-up was poorly chosen, but anyone taking offense at the tweet should look at the source and do a little investigating. Two clicks on your internet-connection box would lead one to the full video and you would see the satirical effort of the quote. We shouldn’t have to recommend this… the internet’s been here for a while now; if something sounds too ridiculous, too out-there, then double-check/doublc-click. Remember Kony?


But Here’s The Real Truth;

Asians are easy targets for comedy. Even though statistics prove that Asian-Americans are a growing and powerful demographic we are frequently the butt of jokes that would be insane if a similar/parallel joke was aimed at African-Americans or Hispanic-Americans. I mean, look at the racist caricatures on Dads and Two Broke Girls.. these are on-going sit-coms with racist jokes that seem more at home in the 50’s than in 2014.

The Colbert Report piece on the Washington Redskins (March 26, 2014) was brilliantly written but, to me, off-tone. While, the target was the Washington Redskins, much of the segment was targeted at the Ching-Chong Ding-Dong character joke and while well-done it’s very hard to imagine a piece this long, this deep aimed at any other race.

So, why does this happen to asians in comedy? Well, there are very few asians (or at least less)  in comedy. Also, there’s not much feedback or outcry from the asian community. We have to get better at both these things.


I admire Suey Park for leading the charge for #CancelColbert. Do I agree with it? No. The full story of the tweet was not looked in to and was the worst kind of internet knee-jerk reaction. Take the speed of Twitter, the 24-hour news cycle and a slow news weekend, it all added up for a Perfect Twit Storm.

I like that she did it. I admire how she’s been handling this insane coverage and I hope she continues tweeting as an “Angry Asian Woman.” Her call to #CancelColbert had no traction, no hope to ever succeed but it got national coverage as a minority voice protesting. How often does that happen for a 23 year old twitterer?

For daring to create a hashtag about a TV show she has been threatened with murder, rape and worse. It’s sickening and wrong and not in spirit of Twitter, Stephen Colbert or even just plain being a fucking human being.


Bottom Line:

The Washington Redskins should change their name. And considering how much money the organization takes in annually, their charitable donation to the “Original American’s” is quite niggardly, indeed.


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