Alright, Youse Mugs!

How do you measure a life? Moving from one place to another is a good way to take stock (literally) of your past, present and future. When I started to pack up my stuff for my recent move, I thought “maybe I should get rid of some of these mugs” but as I looked at them I realized that each and every one of them represented an important chapter of my life. Here are some of my mugs and what they represent (in no order whatsoever.)


Years ago, back in NYC, I was the manager of the world’s only Amiga computer-only retail store. I eventually moved to Champaign, IL to work for the world’s only Amiga computer-only distributor as the marketing director. As such, I was in charge of running our computer show presence. This one was at the Queen Mary in Pasadena. It was a great 4 day weekend for me. I think that was 1993.


In 2004, I was Charna Halpern’s “+1” to the world premiere of the movie Anchorman. It was at Gruman’s Chinese Theater (I don’t think they call it that anymore). Watching the movie with the entire crew and cast was simply amazing but the party afterwards was even better. Met a bunch of seemingly random celebrities, but best of all was meeting (again, but first since he became famous) Adam McCay, who said, “Hey, Jason! Thanks for coming out for the movie!” What a super nice guy.


MIX 94.5! A better mix of the 70s, the 80s, and… today. While I was in Champaign, IL, I became a DJ at this radio station (WLRW). Since there was a Jason already, I became known as the Sandman. As with most pop music stations, they were a few years late on trends.. so this was a hyper color mug. It was blue and then changed to red when a hot beverage was pouring into it. It got stuck at red.


AHIMA, the American Health Information Management Association. One of the best jobs I ever had. I was a temp and I had to enter about a 1000 info sheets every day. I kinda set my own hours (7am) and left around 3pm when I entered about 1000 forms. I listened to the Howard Stern show and entered data. My boss, Susan was awesome. Years, later we would end up as neighbors. She didn’t remember me until i showed her my mug!


My sister gave me this mug for a Batman themed birthday I had when I was, uh, in high school. I like it a lot


I love Cheers. Always have. The lovely John P. Glynn & Brooke Becker were in Boston this year and bought me this wonderful souvenir! It’s my newest mug and I love it.



In 1987, my family went to Disney World. I got to stay at the house by myself. It was awesome. They brought me back this stein with Goofy on it. Why? Because that’s the Disney character they associate with me the most.


Earlier this year, my friend Caroline Sabourin was in Chicago for some improv intensives. She had to stay with me for a few days and for a thank you she got me this Star Trek Classic mug. The other side has the schematics of the Enterprise.















These are my mugs! Come over and we’ll have some tea! Oh, I love teas. Or whiskey. It’s fun to drink booze from a mug. I don’t know why, but it is.


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