Season Cliffhanger! Who Will Live? Who Will Die!?

Who shot JR? Who shot Mr. Burns? The wedding massacre from Dynasty. Buffy is dead. Picard is Borged. Big season finales with character changes and a shuffling of the status quo.

IMG_0381I feel like this summer is the big season finale for my life. Not only have I moved to a new neighborhood which changes my entire outlook and life, but so many of my friends have moved (or even bought houses!) recently. And, just like a television series, the iO Theater is moving to a bigger facility which completely changes my life as well.

So, what will happen next season? New friends, new shows, new plot twists. As with all shows that kind of relaunch, there’s a certain risk involved. Do you meddle with proven qualities and stand where you are or do you roll the dice and hope for evolution? We have to evolve. We have to invite and welcome change.



  • strange adventures in exotic lands!
  • supporting characters become full cast members
  • broader, more accessible comedy mixed with weirder, more niche larfs
  • exciting super famous cameos
  • thrill to the exciting new sets and costume design
  • more acting! more writing!
  • delicious foodstuffs
  • and more sex.




All we have to avoid is the dreaded mid-series cliche of adding a kid. Or Ted McGinley.


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