Something Old, Something New, Please

I live in the past. I study the American Revolution. I know, perhaps too much, the canon of the DC comics universe, the Marvel comics universe, the Star Wars universe, the Star Trek universe. I re-read the Sherlock Holmes canon every year. I love musicals and not the new stuff or even Sondheim; I like Lerner & Lowe, Rodgers and Hammerstein. Hell, I make a living regurgitating the words of a decades-dead teacher.

That being said, I want new stories.

In the world of comic books the DC and Marvel have fallen into a rut of “updating” their characters and then, instead of creating new stories for these heroes, they repeat classic stories of the past. It’s boring. Even the best story in decades (Marvel’s Superior Spider-Man) was basically a retread of the ole hero/villain mind-switch.

Arguably the best Sherlock Holmes update (BBC’s Sherlock) still apes stories and characters from over a century ago.

star-trek-comparison-from-empireThe recent Star Trek movies are a perfect example of what is wrong with this remake mentality. It’s not new to use a younger cast and then just retell the same old stories from decades past.

I would have been more excited for the new Star Wars movies if they were set a long long long time ago and had no connection to the movies we’ve already seen.

I loved Twin Peaks, but I have no desire to see it return. It was a weird, classic show for a weird time in America and my life. Let it lie. I would love to see David Lynch do another show with a similar sensibility but not with the same continuity.

I crave new stories in these universes. Show me interesting and exciting things for Batman and Superman, give me a new detective that uses modern techniques, give me a a Starfleet 200 years from The Next Generation, show me the Star Wars universe 50 years after the Rebellion, show me Harolds that experiment and break the mold.

I like new stories.


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