13 Extremely Short Halloween Stories


“It’s cold. I’m always so cold. I just want to be someplace warm, even if it’s for a few moments,” said the knife in William’s hand.


Sheryl watched the acid eat its way through the bathtub. It bubbled and sizzled. She followed the trail of acid across the floor and up between her legs. It was that time again.


John looked at his sleeping wife with suspicion. He knew the baby in her arms wasn’t his. For one thing, it was human.



Dana laughed as she stirred the slowly bubbling chili. This was going to be a Pro-Choice rally to remember.


The cast from Peter’s broken foot fell to the ground with a crack as thousands of roaches burst forth and scurried from the light.


Technically, thought Mike as he gingerly plucked the mushrooms from his wife’s corpse, this is organic.


After the virus, Mary was the last person on Earth. She dropped her phone when she read, “Where you at?”


Jill sat back from her meal, full and satisfied. Soon she would have twice the speed, twice the strength… that’s what clones were for.


“Free me,” said the dark brown liquid in the bottle. “I don’t know how,” said Tyson. “Drink,” said the bottle.


Sheriff Holbrook held the evidence between his outstretched hands. What kind of animal had a 4×5 placenta?



“I love you. I’ll never let you go,” Julia said as she put Rob back in his jar.


An asian baby. One irish child. Soon my gift will be complete. I better hurry, Mother’s Day is coming.


The old nazi helmet screamed orders directly into Mark’s mind. He would have to obey, it wasn’t his fault… he was just following orders.


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