a Formula for Success

Let’s talk logically for a moment.

Much to my father’s dismay I’m not so great at math, but I was able to come up with a simple formula help with my improvised scenework.


“1+1” – this is the basic representation of any relationship-based scene. One person plus one person is the linchpin of long-form improvisation and it’s the first and most important factor in our equation.20100825-khxj7yxkq3db4sbhxkiymft3eb

It’s in parentheses so that means we should “solve” that first. What’s the deal with Person plus Person? What’s going on with these two people?

“x” – now, “x” resides outside of the parentheses but whatever “x” is, it affects the sum result of “1+1.” In improvised scenarios, “x” could be anything we want (the spaceship is crashing, we’re the last two dinosaurs, the dog is dead, etc.)

So, if we look for the answer of “1+1” (what’s the deal with the relationship between these two people) first, and THEN see how “x” affects their relationship we can avoid plot-dependent scenes. Focus FIRST on the “(1+1.)”

(1+1)x = great scenes!


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