Which Comes First?

(from my Harold class the other night) The suggestion was “myth.” There is a forest. There is farm. There is barn. A giant egg is before the group. There is a crack. The group sees various things in the crack. “I see Mary Magdalene.”  Don’t breath or it will crack! Don’t think or it will crack. Yes, remove your brains. They all remove their brain and put them in the egg. The egg now controls them all. The egg gives them various orders. As they fade to the stage wings, they know it’s just the beginning of their new lives. “It’s the beginning. It’s the beginning. It’s the beginning.” Myth.

43321865This Opening, based on the simple word “myth”, opens up the doors to a deep philosophy and exploration of religion or belief. “Don’t think or it will crack.” To me, this was a powerful demonstration of how important the Opening is and can be. Let’s not dwell on the suggestion but let’s explode it and travel away from it so we can see it from all angles. The show isn’t about just about “myths”; it’s about belief systems and control and faith and what we say and do to make ourselves feel safer.

The suggestion should be a starting off point. We take it and follow it to its absurd, hilarious, and logical extreme (which frequently circles back to the suggestion) but let us discover what else the suggestion can give to us. It’s never JUST the suggestion let it suggest (the psychological process by which an idea is induced in or adopted by another) to us what the show should be and let the show conform to that specific and unique circumstance. The Harold is just the medium; it’s not the show itself any more than a movie is a Movie… no, it’s “The Godfather”(the suggestion) in the form of a movie. Let each show be a mutant- unique and fun, designed for that suggestion/show only. Don’t be predictable even though we know the form. Let the form be flowing and free.


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